Galileo Probe
Zoe T.
7th period  

The Galileo toke about 6 years to get to Jupiter, the Galileo was there to help scientist study Jupiter and its moons.  The probe was there to measure Jupiter's atmosphere chemical composition.    

The Probe then got released on December 7, 1995 the probe set out its parachute.  It was the beginning of the mission    

How does the Probe measure Jupiter's atmosphere chemical composition? The probe brought a mass spectrometer, this will prove how dense Jupiter's atmosphere is.

The Probe mission was unmanned due by the fact the Probe was going at a speed so fast, that it will be too much pressure on a human.

Once the Probe landed on Jupiter, it then got a bunch of data to send to NASA.  Dr. Richard young, Moffett field and Calif, saw that Jupiter was very dense.  

Jupiter's atmosphere is so dense, that the Probe got demolished in 59 minutes.  That proves how dense Jupiter's atmosphere really is.

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