CNC Manufacturing

Veronica Algren 6th hour

Session 1

During session one in CNC Manufacturing I learned how the Z-Mill worked and I got to push the little buttons on the Z-Mill. I got to learn the safety hazards and the way the Z-Mill should be used. All this impacts me by knowing how to use the Z-Mill so it doesn't become a hazard and so I can use it correctly.

Session 2

I learned how to correctly use the Z-mill and measure simple geometric shapes. I also learned about the Z-mills various movements and speeds to the Z-mill also. I got to use the Z-mill manually and learn the directions of the Z-mill.

Session 3

I learned about the Cartesian coordinate system and how it involves the Z-mill system. I also learned about the software that controls the the mill.

Session 4

I learned even more about the software that controls the Z-mill. I got to mill a simple geometric shape using the software. I made a simple engraved nameplate using the software.

Session 5

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