Summer 2013

Once upon a time she returned to the ancient landscapes within the Cosmic Heart and then to the Romanian village where it all started to be...

We're coming from far over oceans of time...we're coming from places we once left behind.

We are looking for love in the heart of every man...we want a place for everyone.

We SHINE through LOVE...We are the CHILDREN of the SUN...


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      Dear Most  EXTRAORDINARY and  MAGICAL  Soul  BEING,

You are MOST PRECIOUS JEWEL to me...In each breath we share, I experience the joy of this human life through you. In each action you choose, I witness the love power of the Living Light within you and what it takes to make any thing real through these eyes, this mind and these hands…and how, through the beating of this heart, so many worlds spin into existence! Your courage to dream mystery into form delights each fiber of my Cosmic Being as thus you know it as you shiver with contentment in your night dreams.

Each morning you wake up, you see beyond the face in the mirror and the body’s fixed shape…and yet, you are me –streaming the fullness of my Light into your mortal cells as you consciously breathe me into the rest of your days here on earth.

                         We gloriously dance together, you and me…

                                   each step, an intimate celebration of WHAT IS…


You are so precious to me… more precious than anything you would consider priceless in this world of form for I AM the Formless Cosmic Self and you are my extension of love in human form. Cezarina

WE are COSMIC LOVE in a physical body.

Love each breath and EXPAND your awareness...

Love Your SELF in all.


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