Where We Belong

In my Hmong cultural  

Well all come together for many reason, for a birthday, to have a family meeting, or just to have fun. But there is more things why we come together. Also remember there are things that keep use apart too. Some people are kept apart because of what people believe or there religion. For example, what I know is that Hmong people don't like other people besides the ones they trust, if the Hmong people don't know you they'll act like your not there. Well this is from what I've seen and from my point of view. But I feel like we should open up to the other people and know there believes more like how they want to know more about us too. As we are young while we are growing, we want to have fun and enjoy life while we are young. While were young we just chill out, or just to catch up on things about each other. One very big thing that makes it hard to hold us young together, is disagreements. I know for the fact that as we are young we want to be right and sometime go very low to be right. This is my point of view about We Belong Together.