The Shack(Movie)

Jaylah Carter

It I were to produce the movie of "The Shack" the main characters would be Mack as Brad Pitt, Sarayu as Jackie Chan, Papa as Whoopi Goldberg and Jesus as Will Smith. They would play these characters because, they would they are all very interesting and good actors, and I think they would be great for the roles, and make the movie as great as the book.

Events in the Plot: Some scenes that I would include in the movie from the book would be Missy being abducted, and Mack having different experiences with many gods, when Mack took his kids camping , and at the end mostly when he found missy's dead body, and the dream he had.

Deleted Scenes:

Some deleted scenes would have to be when Mack had a lot of experiences with different gods, I would make some parts different but not all . Just give a deeper insight of many gods and who he talks to . Everything mostly would be in the movie from the book.

Creative License- Something that I would change in the movie version, is to make the scenes a little more interesting. Make more scenes a little more exciting just adding a little bit of more shock, excitement, and more.

Personal Ephiphany: The book has taught me a lot about how I can interact with god. In my opinion it made my vision of god even stronger. It taught me the importance of why things happen in life. God has a way for us, and god is not just one person. We can interact with him in different ways, by praying and talking to him. It made me think deeper, and changed my outlook on god. I really enjoyed this book, it makes you differently of god in positive ways.

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