My "a-ha" moment using
Pear Deck

One of my most memorable "a-ha" moments from participating in the Technology and Leadership Cohort happened after using the interactive presentation tool, Pear Deck.

The day after I used a Pear Deck in one of my classes a student walked into the classroom saying, "Are we doing Pear Deck again?!". On another occasion using Pear Deck in a different class a student commented, "I actually feel like I get Spanish today!". These comments along with others gave me confidence in that using tools like this in class is beneficial to students. Students are engaged, interested, and participating. As the teacher, I can monitor participation and check for understanding during and after the class period. I look forward to using Pear Deck in the future and helping others learn about and utilize Pear Deck, too! Please leave a comment if you have any questions about using Pear Deck in your classroom!

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