Reducing the Percentage of Hate Crimes

By Jacky Gabriel

What is a hate crime?

A hate crime is a crime planned out and done because of other people's race, ethnicity, religion, or other prejudice.

Examples of hate crimes are:                                                                                            Cross Burning, Arson, Vandalism, Hate Symbols, Destroying/Damaging Others Property, and Use of Racial Slurs.

Why should Hate Crimes stop?

Hate Crimes should stop because when a hate crime occurs other people in the community with the same prejudice feel at risk and are convinced that they themselves should change to a different place to have shelter in other words, they want to move.  Also, when a hate crime occurs it affects the entire community and makes stretches between two communities.

What can we do to stop/reduce hate crimes?

Adults Can: (Ages 18+)                                                                                                       1.)Report hate crimes 2.)Educate the young ones about them, what they are, and how they affect their community so they will not commit one 3.)When walking in the dark, at night have someone with you at all times

Younger ones Can: (Ages 17 and under)                                                                           1.)Don't EVER leave establishment with a stranger (always be near parents or have someone else with you) 2.)Remove yourself/Stay away from dangerous situations and trouble makers 3.)DON'T agree to meet someone in person, if you just met them on any types of social media

Hate crimes in Alabama:(rounded)percent)

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