How to do Cpr

Adult and child CPR

First step check if the scene is safe. second check if the person is ok. Third ask someone around you to call 911. step four do 30 compression with your palm and then 2 breadth. 2 inches deep , for child 1/3 of a inch and keep going until you get tired or when help arrives.

Infant CPR

  • step 1: check scene
  • step 2:check if the infant is ok and tap their foot.
  • step 3:call 911 someone
  • step 4: If they don't respond go and do 30  compassion with 2 fingers. Then two puffs of breaths and do it again
  • step 5:Keep doing it until you get tired or helps come

adult and child unconscious chocking

  • scene is safe
  • victim
  • call 911
  • 30 compression with palm 2inches deep and child 1/3 inch deep
  • look for object
  • 2 breaths
  • re-position
  • head and try again     
  • keep doing it until help arrives  

Infant Unconscious

  • check the scene
  • check the victim
  • call 911
  • go and do 30 compression with two finger
  • check the the mouth and see if you see the object
  • take two breath
  • re-position
  • head and try it again
  • keep doing it until help arrives

Adult and child conscious chocking

  • check scene
  • check the person is they are chocking
  • if they don't respond
  • Stand behind the victim with one foot in-between the victims feet and your other foot behind you.
  • Put your flat side of your fist just up on the  belly button. Put the back of your fist with your other.
  • Administer abdominal thrusts. Pull inward and upward until the object comes out or the person becomes unconscious.

Infant conscious chocking

  • check the scene
  • check the Infant
  • call 911
  • Put infants face and place body on your forearm.
  • then give them 5 back slaps between your shoulder blade with your palm
  • turn the baby on your forearm and give it 5 chest  thrust
  • keep doing until help comes and infant becomes unconscious or

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