Cut Hole Easily in Stainless Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-2-10 8:58:33

There are common things between the API steel pipe and stainless steel pipe when cutting the hole. The drilling is the best way to cut hole in stainless steel pipe the same as the API steel pipe. However, in the process of drilling, heat as well as cracks will appear on the drill motor. In addition, the corrosion and heat resistant feature together with its strong ductility make it more difficult to cut hole.

Its high modulus of elasticity and its protection chip make work-hardening will appear during the drilling process. As the hole is drilled deeper, the material become more work-hardening, making the stainless steel pipe which is unlike the API steel pipe more difficult to drill. The bottom and edge parts of the hole are the places that the work-hardening is most likely to appear. One ideal way to lessen the work hardening is to reduce the touch frequency of the tools and the stainless steel pipe. And it is needed to improve the tools as well except for lessening the touch frequency of the tools and the stainless steel pipe.

There are many perspectives can be considered for improve the tools. You can sharpener the cutting edge, but it become dull in the process of drilling. You can change the angle of the drilling head, but you will waste the function of the cutting edge at the same time. In addition, the improvement should also include coolant. Using the coolant appropriately is significant to the drilling. And it is required that the lube ability of the coolant should be controlled at 8%-10%. Otherwise, the good flow feature is important as well. Because the quicker the fluid comes out, the faster the chip can be removed, leading to that the drilling process will be finished soon to reduce work hardening. Due to that some stainless steel pipes have a high ductility makes deflect will happen in the process of drilling. Using a hole as leading may avoid this problem.

At the same time, it is important to control the speeds and feed when drill the stainless steel pipes which is the same when drill the API steel pipe. Slower speed causes larger amount of friction, increasing work-hardening possibility. If the speed is too fast, the drill will accumulate too much heat, which will lead to the breakdown of the drill motor. The control of the feed is also a key to the successful drilling. If it is too low, it is possible to wear out both of the drill and the stainless steel pipe. Our more products is Rectangular Tube Square Tube Scaffolding Tube

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