What is a Hero?

A person who fights for justice in an ordinary world or a supernatural world. For example, in The Amazing Spiderman, Peter fights for justice in the state of New York and he brings down robbers and thieves, but the police think he's an outlaw. In Percy Jackson, Percy fights to find the lighting bolt in the human world and the supernatural world (The Underworld).    By Allen Eliacin

A hero is someone who fights off bad people or just save people that are in trouble. By Nick Cotugno

A hero is someone who will risk their life for someone else or a greater cause. A hero has to make sacrifices in order to do the right thing even if thats not something you personally would want to do. Heros put the people in distress above their life because they know that saving the other person would be more important than dying in the long run.  By Tori Ashby

A hero to me is being helpful to others. For example, Emma is the hero in Once Upon A Time, she can break the curse and that will make everybody happy. Also, a hero to me is someone who does something for others before they will do something for themselves. By Kaley Werner

A hero is a person who is not normal to every one else and does things a normal person would never do.  By Ryne Cetroli

A hero is not always someone that saves the day, it can be someone that is just a loyal friend such as Percy Jackson. In my opinion, all books and movies are better with hero's because most hero's are full adventure. Another example is Harry Potter, he is "a hero" because he is a good friend to everyone. By Sarah Gobeli

A hero is someone who helps others. In a book, a hero needs to conquer something, like finding an object, defeating evil, getting over a fear, or anything diffucult to do. Sometimes, this can be a problem the author wrote to be interpreted by the reader. Superman is an old comic book hero, made in the great depression. We wanted to represent the strengths of the U.S.A., so we made a fictional, powerful character to represent us. A hero in a story will often have to find someone to learn from, and use their new knowledge to overcome the problem. In conclusion, a hero is one who must conquer a problem.  By Cody Flynn

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