Days in Spanish

¿Qué día es hoy?    =    What day is it today?

¿Qué día es mañana? = What day is it tomorrow?

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? = When is your birthday?

¿Cuál es la fecha de hoy?= What is today's date?

¿Cuáles  son los días de la semana?= What are the days of the week?

¿Cuántos meses tiene un año?= How many months are in a year?

Calender vocab :

Hoy = Today

Día = Day

Mañana = Tomorrow

Año = Year

Semana = Week

Meses = Months

Cumpleaños = Birthday

Question words:

Qué = What

Cuándo = When

Cuál = What is

Cuáles = What are

Cuántos = How many

What are the days of the week?

lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes, sábado, domingo

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Remembering help: Let me make juice vs sunny d :)


Example: If I were to ask John Lennon when was his birthday,  he would say in Spanish "Mi cumpleaños es el 9 de octubre." But it can be any date.

It will be different if you have a birthday on the first day of a month. For example if I ask Roger Daltrey when is his birthday, he would say in Spanish "Mi cumpleaños es el primero de marzo."

(note: you do not need to make a month or a day capitalize)

And months......... and dates

Hay doce  meses en un año = There are twelve months in a year.

Hoy es el 16 de junio = Today is June 16th

Hoy es el primero de mayo (o hoy es el uno de mayo(If you want another way to say it at home)). = Today is the first of May.

Game!(Optional if you want to play your family and friends)

  1. Find a partner at your table.(you are going against your partner at your table)
  2. You will get a bag full of sentence in Spanish that we just went over.
  3. One person will draw out a sentence and read in Spanish nothing else.
  4. The guesser will have to translate what it means or answer the questions in Spanish.
  5. Sometimes it will be a answer so you can just re-ask the question or translate.
  6. The guesser guesses twice then switches with drawer.
  7. You will do this for about two minutes.
  8. After the two minutes, you add up the points and who ever got the most points win.

  • If you translate question your group will get:2 points
  • If you answer the question your group will get: 4 points
  • If you get bonus questions correct ( slips with a star) your group will get:5 points
  • If you skip the bonus you will NOT loose points
  • If you have to skip a question you lose: 1 points
  • If you CHEAT you will lose: 3 points

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Hoy es martes

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Mi cumpleanos es el primero de octubre

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Example: mañana es viernes

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Example: mañana es miercoles

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Mañana es viernes

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Hoy es miercoles

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example- hoy es jueves