Fact #1: The atmosphere traps air in so we can be able to breathe. Without air we would die.

Fact #2: As you go higher the temperature in the atmosphere goes in a special way. It goes cold, hot, cold, hot.

Fact #3: As you go up higher in the atmosphere the pressure get less. So if you went up there without a safety suit you would become bigger. The more the pressure you would end up wrinkly.

Fact #4: We need the atmosphere very much because without it it would be too hot in the day time and cold in the night.

Fact #5: When you go higher there is less oxygen in there so it gets harder to breathe. Because the air particles get less and less.

Fact #6:  Even though the earth is huge. The atmosphere is really thin when you compare it to earth.

Fact #7: The Troposphere is the only atmosphere we can survive on. It is just right for us. This is where weather occurs, here is where we get our rain, wind, and sunshine.

Fact #8: The Green House Effect is when the sun's rays go to earth and they pass through the stratosphere, from there some of the rays pass the layer and remain inside the earth, while the other rays are sent back to outer space.

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