University of Washington

University of Washington's mascot, Harry the Husky


The University of Washington is a public school located in Seattle, Washington that has been around since November 4th, 1861. It is one of the oldest institutions in the West Coast. It was originally built in Seattle, but has branched into three, smaller campuses. The other two are located in Tacoma and Bothell. UW has over 500 buildings, a 325-foot tower, and conference center. Its colors are purple and gold and its mascot is a husky named Harry.  Students are nicknamed huskies but can also be referred to as 'the dawgs.' UW has been ranked in the top ten universities. Its top three departments include  law, engineering, and medicine, and it has an acceptance rate of fifty percent. UW's motto is Lux Sit, which is translated in English as "Let there Be Light."

Admission Requirements

Students must complete the minimal level of the CADR.

Recommended that students submit both their SAT and ACT scores. Writing SAT or ACT scores are required for admission. Both are treated equally and are important factors in admission. However, there is not a minimum requirement of GPA or test score that grants admission to the applicant, as there are more factors that are considered.

Accepting and encouraging of college-level work in high school, such as IB, AP, Dual-Credit, and A-Level.

Cost and Tuition

Students living on campus, room and board is paid quarterly. The first payment is approximately $3,100, due on September 1st for autumn quarter. Financial aid recipients, however, pay after aid is dispersed.

For Room and Board, the Student Financial Aid Office gets a number of $10,752 for  food, housing, and utilities.

Student Life:

The HUB Games

The HUB Games is within the HUB department's basement level of the UW campus. It’s the premiere entertainment center, and includes the only bowling alley in north Seattle. The event includes many fun activities for students such as bowling, table tennis, pool, video, arcade, and board gaming, as well as music and fresh food. Many students go out to attend and party with their friends.

UW Fight Song

Degree Plan

CSE 142 NW QSR – Computer Programming

CSE 143 NW QSR – Computer Programming II

CSE 311 – Foundations of Computing I

CSE 312 - Foundations of Computing II

CSE 331 - Software Design and Implementation

CSE 332 - Data Abstractions

CSE 351 - The Hardware/Software Interface

MATH 124 NW QSR - Calc Analyt Geom I

MATH 125 NW QSR - Calc Analyt Geom II

MATH 126 NW QSR - Calc Analyt Geom III

(OR MATH 134, MATH 135, MATH 136)

MATH 308 or MATH 318 (waived if MATH 136 taken)

MATH 390/STAT 390

OR MATH 391/STAT 391

CHEM 142/CHEM 145 NW QSR – General Chemistry

OR PHYS 121 NW QSR – Mechanics

OR BIOL 180 NW – Intro Biology

5 credits of English Composition C

Additional Writing W, 10 credits

Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning QSR 5 credits

Foreign Language

Areas of Knowledge:

Visual, Literary & Performing Arts VLPA (Humanities)

  • DANCE 250: Cross Cultural Dance
  • AIS 170: From Totem Poles to Tennis Shoes – Art and Culture on the Northwest Coast
  • POLSH 320: 1000 Years of Polish History & Culture
  • ENGL 314: A Global Africa: Contemporary Black Transatlantic Writing
  • GWSS 235
  • ENGL 242F: 21st Century American Fiction and the Cultural Turn
  • CHID 110: The Problem of Imagination - Aesthetic Education in the 21st Century
  • RUSS 210: Underworlds
  • SLAV 200: Introduction to Literature
  • Valuing Nature: Literature and the Environment

Computer Programmer

Description and Requirements

In 2012, the annual pay for a computer programmer was 74,280 USD. In 2013, the number had risen to $76,140 in 2013. The  salary of a computer programmer continues to increase, and employment is expected to increase by 12 percent between 2010 and 2020. This is because we live in a technology-based era where technology continues to expand in the future, making computer programming a highly demanded job. Computer programming was named the number 5 Best Technology Job and number 13 job overall by U.S. News & World Report.

The tasks of a computer programmer include writing instructions, correcting errors, checking and conducting trials on the program for correct instructions, and updating the software packages. It is important that they analyze and review the programs, as well as use detailed workflow charts and diagrams.  Computer programmers use specific codes/computer languages, like Java and C++, in order to transform the program designs into instructions the computer can read. They often work hand-in-hand with that of software developers, computer operators, and system analysts for consultation and collaboration purposes. They are also to train subordinates in programming and program coding.

A computer programmer's entry level of education is typically a bachelor's degree in Computer Science (most common), Mathematics, or Information Systems, where they learn to write codes in the appropriate computer language, and debug computer programs. Some cases, however, show that an experienced person with an associate's degree or certificate can be hired. While there is no required certification, it is can be helpful in acquiring a computer programming job, such as gaining an IT degree.

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Persuasive Essay

The University of Washington has caught my attention due to its high rankings in its engineering department, most specifically its computer science. For years now I have been interested in a technology, and have aspired to obtain a future working with computers and software programs. I deserve to attend the University of Washington because I put all my efforts into my work, as well as I am eager and determined to learn new things and take on new challenges.

All my life of being a student, I have strived to learn new things and be successful. No matter what the task is at hand, my best efforts are always put out onto display with my work, Most especially if it pertains to a certain hobby of mine, such as computer programming and working with computers as an overall. Throughout all my years as a student, I have always put all my efforts into my work without consideration. Even with the most simplest of tasks, I like to impress and represent who I am as a well achieving student. My entire life I have been known for being a perfectionist and an over-achiever. My academics and being successful have always meant a lot to me. Therefore, I always go above and beyond with every project and assignment at hand. Even since the first grade, I received first place for a GT Christmas art project due to my creativity and time well spent on it. With me being a student at the University of Washington, I would be an excelling student who steps up to the plate when contributing to UW’s Husky pride.

With the University of Washington, I would love attend and be apart of the engineering department to study in the field of computer science. Everyday I would be eager to learn new things and gain experience from the hands-on material. I’ve always been one to be excited about learning new things, especially when it pertains to my hobbies and interests, such as computer programming, animations, and video editing. With every challenge that I face, I take it on with such determination for I know I will come out with something great. For example, the IB classes in my high school years, along with GT, NHS, and volunteering, all proved to be a challenge. However, I knew I would be gaining so much information, experience, and success from it that it ultimately motivated me to get through it all. Now, as I take away all my past learning experiences with me, I would be eager to apply them and learn even further at UW. I deserve to go to UW because I would be able to take so much from being there as a learning experience and will benefit greatly from being a student there.

The University of Washington has made an excellent impression on me, especially with its top engineering department. Overall, I take my academics very seriously and would love to apply my skills and strengths specifically at UW. While there are many undergraduates who would love to attend UW, I strongly believe I deserve to be a fellow Husky because of who I am as a person and as a dedicated student. One who will contribute to the Husky pride with its hard put-in efforts, and determination to learning and facing new material.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

When asked for a letter of recommendation for Ms. Sarabia, I replied right away. In the Five years she has been in my life, I have seen her blossom into the outstanding engineer she is today. She is not one to say no when opportunity knocks on her door, nor is she one to accept failure.I say this with absolutely no remorse, but any company would be lucky to have her on their team.

Ysabel Sarabia stands out the most when I think back on teaching Engineering. She learned the subject immediately, and after that, she excelled. Not only was she one of the most hard working students I’ve come to know, but also one of the best leaders. She takes charge of the situation and doesn’t let anyone fall behind. With that being said, she will also work by herself if asked, and will prove you right with the quality of work. She understands due dates, group work, and what task she must accomplish. Because of this, she always had a hundred, and this is also why she graduated Valedictorian of her 2018 class. She never disappoints, and continues to make me proud of her. In all truth, students like her are the reason I continue to teach; not to simply learn the subject and pass the class, but to learn it, become an expert at it, and then ask “What’s next.’

I know Ms. Sarabia will take off running full force once she is at college. She has always handled stress, competition, and failure with such positivity. She always finish what’s making her stressed, prepares the best she can for any form of competition, and never accepts failure. Ms. Ysabel Sarabia was of the utmost pleasure to have in class, for she encouraged others to do their best, and pushed herself every day. She will not disappoint, and once again, will make you absolutely proud you accepted her to the University of her dreams.

Mrs. Marchant

May 21,2015

Cover Letter

Mr. James Cyr

Google Inc.

651 N. 34th St.

Seattle, WA 98103

May 19th, 2015

Good day Mr. Cyr,

I am interested in applying for a position at the Google headquarters in Seattle, Washington after the requested visitation of college graduates to the offices last spring.

While attending the University of Washington, I have been studying in its fine engineering department. My major is of Computer Science, in which I have been able to work with different softwares and practice my skills in computer programming, web design, computer graphics,and more. With that being taken into consideration, I have learned lots of information, as well as gained plenty of hands on experience over the past few years with computer coding, software, and more. With all the tasks I have been assigned, and the goals in which I assigned myself, I have gained a broad spectrum of knowledge on different aspects of computer design, programming, and animations. All of which I have truly enjoyed an tackled head-on, despite any of its challenges.

As I continue to advance in my technology oriented career, I place confidence I would not only be an excellent candidate to Google’s staff, but I would benefit immensely from being apart of such an intellect and well-rounded company. As our future becomes more invested with technology, Google holds many opportunities for our coming generations. You company is one in which I would love to be apart of and contribute to.

Attached is my resume. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Ysabel Sarabia

91086 Novapolitan St.

Seattle, WA 98105

Cell: 206-7842-1184



Ysabel Sarabia

91086 Novapolitan St. Littleton, CO 80121 | (303) 921-8612 |


Obtaining a computer programming position at Google Headquarters where I can pursue my interest in computer programming in a career at a more advanced level, while showcasing my experience and skills with technology.


Computer Programming

Code computer languages such as Java, C, C++, C#, Python, and Ruby

Helped code for video games


Experienced with advanced editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas, etc. on Windows and Macintosh computers

Video Game Design

Helped with computer programming in writing instruction

Computer animation/graphics

Knowledge of various video games and video game consoles

Video Game Design

Helped with computer programming in writing instruction

Computer animation/graphics

Knowledge of various video games and video game consoles


Fluent in English, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean



Editor, The Creatures

Given daily video footage/ gameplay footage to edit, add animation, and special effects

Computer Programmer, Sumtech Business Solutions

Created simple instructions for programs

Helped run trials

Analyzed and reviewed programs


Video Producer, Local Schools

Helped create multiple news stories by helping with topic, script, audio and camera operation


Web Designer, Latinitas

Helped create and organize the official Latinitas web page. Edited audio and video, helped with animation, and solved code problems.



Bachelor’s Degree for Computer Science, University of Washington


Master’s Degree, [School]

High School Diploma, El Dorado High School


Wreaths Across America

Million March Marathon Against Child Abuse

Attendance Filing

Food Bank


Personal Video Editor

Public Library

Student Council and NHS

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Ysabel Sarabia
6th period
End of Year College Project

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