The Annabelle doll

Annabelle (Raggedy Ann doll)  was given to Donna on her birthday in 1970 , from her Mother, which she got it from a Hobby store.

Donna had moved in with her roommate Angie and took Annabelle with her. She slept with the Doll at night time.  Donna and Angie friend Lou started going over to their apartment and he felt there was something strange about the Doll that he did not like at all.

A week later Donna and Angie noticed that the doll started moving by itself.  it had got to the point where the doll will stand against the chair and have her arms crossed like "Where have you been".

The doll was leaving notes saying "Help us" or "Help lou".  When Donna and Angie came in the Apartment later on that day the Doll hands was cover with red liquid that looked exactly like blood. It had got to the point where they had to do something about the Doll . The doll was even leaving them Chocolate.

They called a Medium and she wasted no time talking to they doll. The medium said Annabelle really likes them and Donna and Angie could understand her more , and all she want is to be loved.  so Donna and Angie took the doll back in.

Lou came to the apartment complex one day and told Angie and Donna to get rid of the doll but they rejected his request.  Lou had slept in the apartment that day and woke up and look down, there was the doll it had crawled up on him and started choking him he blacked out.  later he looked in the mirror and thought it was just a bad dream but there was scratches on his neck and chest .  Lou told Donna and Angie about what had happened and showed them the mark on his body . They wasted no time calling Ed and Lorraine .  

When Ed and Lorraine came Donna , Angie and Lou told them about the strange things that had happened , then they took the doll in and did research , The doll was Actually possessed by a demon and was impersonating the spirit of a child.  The annabelle doll was responsible for a death of a young man at the Museum she is at now called the Occult museum, the little boy didn't believe anything about annabelle so he challenge her to do her worst and she did , he died a terrible death.

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