Bear V3 Creation In Inkscape

This is Bear .... Version 3

For anyone who is unaware of what Inkscape is, it is a software that allows its user to create basically anything he or she can imagine using computer based techniques. With Inkscape I was able to create a character for a game I will eventually make in another software named Scratch. I did not really plan for this character  I just began to put shapes together and see where it took me. However it did take a while for me to get this final version of my character (which is shown above). I decided to make a bear for my project because I knew that it would not be so difficult and that i could use basic shapes to create it. Most of the shapes are composed of circles and ovals. Here are the shapes that i used to create BearV3.

Shapes and colors I used to create Bearv3

Now all I have to do is create a logo for my game , and actually create the game.

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3 years ago

Great job, Kenneth! I love the character you made and I really like the way you separated out all your shapes so that others can see/learn how you made your design.👍