By: Fernanda Medina


Ares is the only son of Zeus and Hera,he has four children.

Phobos is the god of panic
Deimos is the god of fear
Eros is the god of love
Harmonia is the goddess of harmony

TV Shows

Ares would like bloody/violent TV shows because he likes war just because of the violence and blood.


Spartacus takes place during the time when gladiators battled for their lives in the huge Colosseum. You’re going to see highly stylized, slow motion, bloody battles.

1000 Ways to Die-

Take the most bizarre and awful ways to bite it, recreate them in the most ridiculously gory over-the-top way possible, and add in a comedic, insensitive voice over. That’s 1,000 Ways To Die in a nutshell. A very bloody, hilarious nutshell.

Sons of Anarchy-

Motorcycle gangs like three things: Bloody gun battles. Bloody bare-fisted beatings. And (presumably) Batman, because who doesn’t love Batman?

Pet Peeves

Ares is a person that doesn't like to loose he ALWAYS wants to win I feel like his pet peeves would be


Weak Men



Because he's the God OF War i think he would hunt his own food and east a lot of met like.

Roasted Pig




Since Ares just like sto fight i think he would enjoy to beat people up,get into street fight,pick on innocent people and because he's the God of War he would make his own weapons on his free time and work out.


Ares is a person that likes to see people hurt, especially when he causes it.He likes blood and is a war-mongering and blood thirsty.He would like sports like Football where he can tackle people,Wrestling he can injure people,Boxing so he can knock out people and win and Mixed Martial Arts because so he can blow off steam.


Since Ares is impulsive,war-mongering,bloodthirsty,vengeful and likes war for the fact of blood he would really enjoy these movies below.



Chaim Massacre


Vacation Spots

Ares is a person who is really to gloat about his victories and is a war-mongering he would listen to  heavy metal rock to celebrate his victories and if he ever got frustrated and needed to blow off stem he could just listen to this music to get his adrenaline pumping and think of vengeful plans. He is also a rebel never quiet.

Ares would go to Afghanistan for a vacation to learn some new tactics and enjoy his view, because he likes to kill for the pleasure of it, and I am pretty sure he wouldn't mind watching people died and suffer. After all he is bloodthirsty.

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