Madison Rohre

Madison with eyes the color of a blue high lighter.

Madison of a caring loving family.

Madison who is constantly surrounded by good and bad influences.

Trying her hardest to be a good in the dark world.

Drives to church on Sunday even in the rain.

Prays at church that her grandma will be ok.

Sings the worship songs the lovely band sings.

Meets her friends in Sunday school, so they can worship together.

Leaves the church with the feeling everything will be ok.

Madison soon arriving home to find homework mocking her.

Taking out her pens and pencils and such she is exhausted from the day.

Realizing she could have more, but wories that her grades won't meet her "requirements".

She tries to do everything better than she did before.

Madison inside the mind set of winning because she doesn't like to loose.

The uniform and number she proudly wears on her back.

The gym, on the track on the course where it feels like home.

Her heart where she can put everything there and have no regrets.

Listening to the crowd she gains confidence.

Setting the ball , getting a kill is the best feeling in the world.

Tying her tennishoes she becomes focused.

Stretching she is oblivious to everything.

Winning is her goal.

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