Inference- An inference is when you take a guess upon what is happening in the story like, what going to happen or what this character is like.

"I Could imagine how different things would be in the compound if Gram made it". From this I can infer that the character would've preferred his "Gram" to make the compound over the other person because of the way he said it appeared to be him taking the side of his "Gram a bit more than the other person.-"The Compound"

"...all these new things come together and it all rolls over and around him, and he is not afraid". From this quote it is easy to infer that the man is ready and willing to take whatever is next in life because of how bold the man appears to be.-Teen

"They, with their complaints of starvation, devastation; they, mired in the fear of imminent extinction, shouldering the burden of sin; they, looking skyward for His guidance and shuddering at the merest thought of His presence". In this I can infer that something with these people is scaring them like extinction the people are horrified and they don't want to see the person they're horrified of.-Teen ink.

i can infer that this kid is upset that he is eating this food because of how full the plate is and how little he seems to care about the food.

In there i can infer that the dog is ignoring all of his surroundings and apparently has just found out what a chicken nugget is because of how focused the dog is on it.

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