Red Kayak Final Project

By: Sukhpreet Tahrema Khusdeep  Hussain

Life in Chesapeake bay was as normal as can be.Until tragedy strikes.But what if what happened was more of an accident.Brady learns the real, horrible truth.He has to decide should he share his secret?Even If.His life, and the lives of his family and friends.Will Never be the same!

The Red Kayak

Red Kayak Visual  

Mystery,  A friend death

suspense ,3 best friends

unexpected twists ,a tragic accident

devious plots,  and a Red kayak

drama , that will change all

their lives forever

the red kayak         

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Author of Red Kayak

The author of this book is Priscilla a writer she first began to write about farm animals book.over the years she wrote pictures book about fram animlas that lived in the chespeeka bay .Priscilla Cummins is born in 1951 in Ludlow,MA she has done her education at University of New Hampshire B.A. Priscilla Cummings hobbies are reading,playing the piano and going on walks.Her career: she was a newspaper reporter from 1973 to 1975 she was a magazine editor and writer from 1982 to 1985 she also was the writer of children’s books in 1986.Priscilla Cumming also won awards such as journalist of the year in 1980. She also won international literary awards and more. .Most of these stories were inspired by something in real life that moved her emotionally

Red Kayak setting

The red kayak book setting was took in place called chesapeake bay.The author was books that she has written 90% of them are in  chesapeake  bay and so the red kayak setting was in chesapeake bay and so the author chose the this setting

Character Bio

Brady- brady loves crabbing . he would help people when they needed it. brady enjoyed being around ben. Brady gave up everything for his friends jt and digger, brady was really upset when he found out who caused the death of ben.Brady also wants to share all his feelings with his dad.later on in the book when brady confesses the truth he told his dad before he told anyone else .

J.T- JT and brady were childhood friends .JT is easygoing and a good hearted friend and he can easily be intimidated. JT was part of the murder but he was a bystander he didn’t do anything.His home life isnt that amazing.His dad is very aggressive towards his mother.

Digger-he is brady and JT friend . His home life isnt that amazing.His dad is very aggressive towards his mother .digger is very tough and rude.friendship to him means his friends keeping secrets and looking out for them

Plot Diagram

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Three conflicts

Character Vs Character:character Vs character when one character wants to compete with the other character: Brady vs JT & digger brady was worried if he should tell the police the truth or would it affect his friendship

Character Vs Self:In Character Vs Self When one character doesn’t like himself.brady blames himself that he didn’t save ben

Character Vs Society:In Character VS Society is when one character goes against a society.brady wonders what will happen when he tells everyone the truth

Character VS Nature: Is when brady was blaming the lake for ben death and that the lake was responsible for his death

Three Themes

friendship-brady was friends with jt digger and brady loves his friends them three were childhood friends, but in the starting how jt and digger didn't talk to him wasn’t nice of them that they just ignored brady and then after telling him the truth .all friendships means is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.

greif- brady had to deal with grief when people blamed him for ben death.brady tried to hid it , turn away from it especially ignore it. grief is when you are depressed or annoyed by something or someone and you try to not deal with it as much as you do.Grief is painful and hard to go through .There are five stages of grief that you or brady had to go through depression,denial on something or someone , anger,acceptance ,and bargain.

truth- Finally, Brady decides to do the right thing and face the consequences. ("I just had to remember why I was doing it. Because it was the right thing to do"). With the help of his dad , Brady recovers the red kayak and tells his dad everything. The only way that brady had to once deal with the truth and a truth can’t be hidden forever truth also means a quality or state of being true.Doing the right thing was the thing where brady told his dad everything rather than listening to his friends and not telling him the truth.Also doing the right thing is when you know what wrong and what's right

Book Review

As an opinion being placed the Red Kayak is with mystery, suspense and unexpected twist but we would suggest that the book would be rated 4 ½ .Because it wasn't that much of a mystery than expected.But the way they are unexpected twist it makes it much fun and lets the reader to read more and also how at the end he goes to court we thought that there could have been much more to do with much more action .Just because they went to court its just like they gave up at one point.

by: sukhpreet tahrema hussain khusdeep

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