Thurgood Marshall

Thurgood Marshall was born in July 2,1908 in Baltimore,Maryland

During Thurgood Marshall's life segregation played a big role in his choices in life.When Thurgood finished college in Lincoln University he decided to become a attorney. He then  applied for University of Maryland and was later rejected due to him being black. Thurgood instead went to Howard University and later graduated on 1993.Thurgood(after setting up a private practice) had a long history with  the NAACP and joined them.His first win as NAACP was a case about a black boy who was denied admission at the same University he was denied from.

The case that made him famous was with  a lady named Linda Brown .The same case created Brown v Board that stated that public school not be separate but equal because it would be unconstitutional.This landmark made legal scholars  believe that it was the most important in the history of the U.S Supreme Court.After the event President John F. Kennedy  appointed Thurgood to the U.S court of appeals and he became a jurist.On June 13 1967 a new president appointed him Marshall of the Supreme Court.He was then confirmed as a Associate justice by the United States Senate and was voted.After serving 20 years in the supreme court he opposed the death penalty.Thurgood gave a speech on1987 for the bicentennial celebration of the Constitution .Thurgood then died on 1993 because of heart failure.

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