By: Riley Foster


Within this text you will find out what you might need to play the sport of volleyball, serving and bumping, the goal of the game, and even some tips on the game. You’re probably wondering, why should I read about volleyball? Well, because it’s a great way to get exercise and a good way to learn how to work as a team.

Supplies needed

If you want to play volleyball then these are some things you need to have to get started. Of course you will need a volleyball, any volleyball will work but if you are twelve or younger then you might want a volley lite. A volley lite is a volleyball just not as heavy. You will also need a net and boundary lines or you might get into an argument on whether the ball was in bounds or not. Lastly you need two or more people counting yourself.

Rules of the game

The first rule of volleyball is the first team to win two out of three sets wins the game. Sets are mini games inside of the game. In the first and second game the first team to get to twenty five wins. In the third game you need to get fifteen points to win. Another rule of volleyball is when the ball hits the ground the next point starts. The next rule is you can only hit the ball three times before the ball goes over the net. Picture this… the ball is coming over the net and you bump it, but the ball is still right in front of you so you bump it again. That would be against the rules because the same person can’t hit the ball twice in a row. The last rule is there can only be six people on the court at a time

Goal of the game

There are lots of goals in volleyball but the main goal is to try to win two out of three sets. The goal in order to win two out of three sets is to not let the ball hit the ground, because then the other team gets a point and they get to serve. The last goal is to try to get as many serves as you


Serving and passing

What’s passing it’s when the ball is coming over the net and you put your arms together and the ball bounces off them. The object of passing is to try and either gets the ball over the net or to a teammate. Now what about serving? Serving is when your team scores a point and the person in the serving spot serves the ball over the net to start the next point. At first serving will seem very difficult, but after much practice it can become very easy. To serve you must put the ball on one of your hands and with your other hand (your dominate one) you swing your arm and smack the ball with your dominate hand over the net

Tips on the game

These are some helpful tid-bits that will really help you when you are playing. So have you ever been playing and you see a ball come over the net and the ball is headed your way, you know you are going to pass it. But one of your teammates doesn’t so they pass it over the net instead of you. They only did that because they didn’t know you were going to get it. Next time when you are going to pass a ball you

can say, “I got it!” Really loud so everyone will know you are taking it. Another tip is when a girl is serving really hard and the ball keeps going over your head and nobody can get it and the other team keeps getting more points you can scoot back as far as necessary so that you can now reach the ball. The same thing applies if the ball is going really close to the net but you can’t get there in time to get it, scoot up so you have a closer distance to go to get the ball.


After reading this tackk hopefully you now know the rules of the game, supplies needed to play,

goals of the game, s

serving and passing, and tips on the game. So know you are ready to bump, set, and spike on your own!


  • Bump/passing: A flat surface made from holding arms together, as a ball bounces off them
  • Set: Three games to determine who wins
  • Spike: A hard hit with arm extended over head to smack the ball
  • Set: A form of hitting the ball softly high in the air
  • Serve: To start the game off by hitting the ball over the net

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