Character Animator

By: Rafael Urbina

Character animators use individual frames of drawings to simulate movement of one or more characters. This can be done using modern technology (such as: high end computers, software, and/or drawing tablets) or simple equipment (such as: pencil, paper, flip book)

Many character animators use 2D or 3D animation depending on skill and goal of the artwork.

2D artwork is simple, flat characters or enviroment that can have an illusion of depth, distance, and space using detail such as shadows, layers, and shapes.

3D artwork requires more effort as you work with more angles and you have to look at all the sides of an object to get the perfect shot that fits the scene.

Character Animators will find themselves working from a company studio or from their home. They can work self-employed or with big companies.

The employers could be from film and video production studios, graphic design, video game design companies.

Character animators earn an average salary of around 77,000 dollars; depending on skill and effort put in by the employees.

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