Fishing in the Canadian Shield

Armstrong Ontario

Fishing is great in the Canadian Shield a factor that makes it such a great place for fishing is the climate. Armstrong Ontario experiences a humid continental climate it has cooler summers and warmer winters. Average temperature for Armstrong Ontario is 2.62°C(thunder bays climate closest city to Armstrong). Average monthly precipitation for Armstrong Ontario is 708.59mm(thunder bays climate again)(

Canadian shields physical features

In Armstrong you can rent your own remote cottage that is right next to a lake that not a lot of people will have access to. Armstrong Ontario has alot of forests, lakes and rivers but their is still some plains( Some of the fish species you can catch in Armstrong are Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, Sturgeon, White Fish, Perch, White Suckers, large mouth bass and various bait fish( Since this area mostly consists of lakes and rivers makes it a great place for fishing. Rocks found in the Canadian shield are mostly igneous and metamorphic ( Most of the vegetation in the Canadian shield are trees the types of trees that grow in the Canadian shield are birch, aspen, tamarack, black and white spruce, hemlock, pine and balsam trees( Some business opportunities in armstrong ontario are hunting lodges, Fishing lodges, Resorts and restaurants(

Climate change
Armstrong Ontario

Climate change impacts fishing in armstrong Ontario in many ways some of these impacts are that the fish migrate and leave lakes and travel up rivers earlier than fisherman expect also fish might die due to climates they are not use to or can not handle.  Another impact climate change has on fishing is that fisherman might not be able to get to the fish due to harsh rains faster flowing rivers and etc.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters that occur in armstrong(thunder bay) are mostly floods, One big flood hit thunder bay giving the city a title of disaster area the flood in thunder bay was created by heavy amounts of rain caused the flood in thunder bay ( i used thunder bay because their isn't a lot of information on armstrong ontario)(

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