Explore an Issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society

The accessibility of Fast Food has become easier to get your hands on! Just the number of McDonald's in Perth Metro is astounding. That's just Macca's, what about; Domino's, KFC, Chicken Treat, Red Rooster and etc. On every main road there is a minimum of 5 Fast Food restaurants. Majority of them do home deliveries, so the consumer can get the food in the comfort of their own home.

Places like Domino's promise delivery with in 30 minutes, which just proves how dense the Domino's franchise is in Perth. I personally set up a little investigation whilst at Workplace Learning, with the 'subjects' aged from 20-55, above 80% of them admitted to ordering Fast Food home delivery within the past 7 days, which just shows how many people consume Fast Food on a monthly basis.

The main campaign behind the home delivery is why leave your home, when we can bring it to you. This is targeting an audience who is about to have a meal, but wants a quick meal instead. This is where they make their money. In Super Size Me by Morgan Spurlock he even shows us that McDonald's do home delivery. He ordered it multiple times throughout the documentary so he never had to leave his office space.  

We can see throughout the documentary how easy it is to get Fast Food. If you are unsure, go for a drive and count how many Fast Food restaurants are in your area.

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