Eddie Arcaro

Two time Triple Crown winner

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My name is Alexis Trapp I am a sixth grader at Holman Middle school.The purpose of this website is because I was given the task of choosing a person and making a website about them for my english class. I choose Eddie Arcaro because he is an equestrian like myself. Except I don't race horses I do jumping. I hope you enjoy my website/research!

Eddie Arcaro  Early Life.

Eddie Arcaro was born on February 1916. He was born in Cincinnati Ohio. When he was sixteen, he first worked at a County Club hauling bags and suitcases for people.But the bags were nearly the same size as him. One of his friends advised he should become a jockey down at the local track. When he first started working down at the race track, his first job was race horse exerciser because he wasn't old enough to get a jockey's license. He was later employed to work at Thoroughbred breeding farm and and came out to be one of racing's new talents!

Cause & Effect

Eddie entered his first Kentucky Derby race in 1935 on a two year old Filly named Nellie Flag. The race was held at churchill downs. He lost the race. The reporters called him "Steady Eddie " because he stood completely still during any race. His trademark move was him switching his crop from both hands  as he told the horse to go forward. It took him three more years before he won another derby. He later won the Kentucky Derby in 1941 with a record time of 2 minutes. He later won the other two races in Triple Crown which made him win the Triple Crown.

Chronological Timeline

In 1945 Eddie won his third Kentucky Derby on Hoop Jr. In 1948 he won the Triple Crown for the second time. In 1951 he published his autobiography called Ride To Win. In 1952 he won his fifth Kentucky Derby. In 1961 he retired at the age of 45 from the horse racing world.

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