Google Glasses

By: Carter McEntyre and Will Jones

    Google glasses are glasses with the knowledge of a computer. They project an image of a computer screen in front of your face. The glasses have a built-in chip that processes all of the knowledge. They are voice-activated, meaning that you can control it by talking. Google glasses are the future.

    Google glasses were invented in 2012 by the company Google X. The idea was originally thought of by U.S. spy agencies, but Google beat them to it. The prototype weighed about 10 pounds! They have not been released for sale, but Google invites people to test them. Since these glasses are so new, there have been no known innovations, but more are sure to come.

    Project Glass managed to make the glasses lightweight, yet a strong frame. This means that they are not easily broken, like Apple's iPhone. Google glasses are so advanced that they can even detect head-tilts. The glasses are packed with Wi-Fi, GPS, speaker, a camera, Bluetooth, a microphone, a touchpad, and a tiny screen the size of your finger, that shows you all of the information you need at your finger tips.

    The voice input of Google glass is very advanced. You activate it by tilting your head up, or by saying, "Okay Glass" the send a question or command. The voice input let's you communicate directly to the search engine. You can also start a video or take a picture just by saying the command for it. You can use the touchpad on your right to swipe through things.

    This concludes our project. We worked very hard on our project and had a lot of fun doing it. We learned about Google glasses and their uses. we hope you enjoyed our project as much as we did. In conclusion, Google glasses are very helpful (and expensive ;) to our society.

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