Indian tribes of the north east-NSF

by Noah Forrest


There are three major tribes that speak the language  the powhatan tribe spoke algonquian language .the indains who spoke siouan language was the moncan tribe .The tribe who spoke iroquoin language was the cherokee tribe.

before and after the setlers came

it was normal and calm this was before the setlers came they planted crops and did other stuff like built houses .Also they spoke there languages they hunted ,planted,built stuff,and went fishing.

after the setlers came there were wars that broke out and also this is why we call them indians because chirstpher columbus  thouaht he was in the indis and after chistipher columbus , jhon smith, chirsipher newport ,and other people.        

Tribes in virgina

  • powhatan
  • moncan
  • cheoki
  • chikahominy
  • mattiponi
  • pamunkey
  • rappahnik

they all spoke theis languages