Rube Goldberg machine

Choosing my project (entry #1)

I chose the Rube Goldberg machine for my project. I chose the Rube Goldberg machine because i thought it would be fun and it looked cool. I want to learn how to make complicated things better. No i could not make a career out of this because i am not that interested on taking this that far.

Into research (planning) (entry #2)

i began to watch youtube videos to learn how some Rube Goldberg machines worked and operated. Then my group and I began to sketch out ideas.

Further introduction research (entry #3)

My partner and i looked at youtube videos and began to learn how to build certain things for our machine.

research (entry #4)

my group and i watched more videos and tried some of our sequences for the Rube Goldberg machine. 2

what are you finding out while doing your project (entry #5-#6)

my group and i have found that this project is very difficult but we are getting the hang of it.

what SPECIAL terms (technical) do you need to know (entry #6 & #7)

my group and I are using a series of pullies and tracks to make our Rube Goldberg machine we are also using a bowling ball. At this point all we need to know is if our machine will work.

new questions and information (entry #8)

For now my only question is how are we going to open the cabinet with a bowling ball.

technical parts of my project (entry #9)

My group and i have been trying to get the angle of our tracks in the perfect spot to let our car get enough speed to go down the long tracks. Also we have been trying to get our pully to hit the car at the right angle.

tech stuff part 2 (entry #10)

we have figured out the correct angle for the car to be hit by and for the pully to come down at now all we need to do is work on opening the cabinet.

complications (entry #11)

we are having some complications with our supplies because people are not sharing.

progress (entry #12)

i have not been here for the past two days so i am a little behind but the rest of my group is filling me in on what they have done.

whats your next step (enrty #13)

my next step is to find a way to get a ball to fall into a cup for my objective.

whats your next step (entry #14)

my next step is to make my project have a third step.

did it work ? (entry #15)

yes my project did work,i thought i couldnt have gotten all of this to work done because i did not have partners, but i actually finished it by myself.

last entry (entry #16)

my project turned out okay but it was nowhere near as great as i wanted it to just did not turn out as well as i thought it would have. i thought i would have flew right through it and be done but it did not work out like that.

i learned that it takes a lot of thinking and planning also creativity to build a rube goldberg machine. its a lot harder than it looks on youtube and other website.its alot more challenging when you go to do it.

no i do not want to pursue this as a hobby or a job. i thought building the rube goldberg machine was boring and not too fun as i was building it. so i do not wan to pursue this anymore.

i think i would have picked a different project. i just thought the rube goldberg machine would have been a lot easier and more fun then it was. also it actually was harder to do as a group then it was to do alone.i think i would have probably picked scratch as my project.

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2 years ago

Great job! You will be great at this and I can't wait to see it work!

2 years ago

I'm curious to see how this turns out.