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7 people agreed with the quote
When people agreed to the quote in this station, they all believed in karma. Except for two, whom believed that God knows what is "right" for the world and it is all part of his plan. However, many also posed questions about children who do not fully understand the concept between good and bad yet but suffer the consequences. For example, children who suffer from hunger and poverty.

20 people disagreed with the quote.
Not everything's that happens to us is something we deserve.Nobody deserves to suffer even if we have done something wrong.  They don't agree that God intended to have people in povertyIt's more about learning to forgiveGod doesn't control everythingIt's simply because bad things happen to us.  Science is the reason, not God

Kushner's Argument
"As we have seen, it teaches people to blame themselves. It creates guilt even where there is no basis for guilt. It makes people hate God, even as it makes them hate themselves. And most disturbing of all, it does not even fit the facts" (Kushner 12). Kushner's argument
finds fault with the fact that God punishes people for what they've done and their sins. Especially today, it is hard to justify all occasions of suffering for the idea that everyone gets what they deserve because what about poverty, massacres, school shootings, cancer, and other terrible things?

This shows God as being vengeful and almost hypocritical. We are supposed to be able to be forgiven for our sins, yet he punishes us for them. It also makes us hate ourselves. If someone around us were to die, we might think that it is our fault and that we are to blame for it.

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