Blizzards are a storm with very strong winds the average temperature in a blizzard is 10 degrees F     

How Blizzards Form

Blizzards need cold air and wind speeds over 72 mph   

Historical Examples

The 1888 blizzard in New York had 400 deaths injuries not recorded and the estimated damage was $20 million. The 1996 blizzard  had 187 deaths, injuries 52 and the estimated was damage $3 billion

Impact On Human Life

Now humans have ways to prepare for severer weather. The Doppler radar, weather radio and snow plows are all ways that humans have prepared for blizzards

How You Can Pepare

The main things that you will need to survive a blizzard. You will need a shovel, food (depending on how long you will be stuck you might want to buy more), and power. The main thing you will need is power with no power you wont have heat. get back up generators and if you have a fireplace get extra wood to burn.


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