HERES some 5 fun facts can go there with your family
2. you can get your tan on can see the beautiful water and your kids can make that time you will remember will not forget that day when you go to the Hoover dam.

Take your family with you ,have that amazing day of what you dreamed for .Maybe your kids can take their kids someday. So do you want to go to the hoover dam? ,its sure a blast, if you do pack up head down to the Hoover dam.

The hoover dam is as cool as cool as a summer breeze.

or you can go to

8$ per person over the age of 3 to go into the visitor center, and 9$-11$ per person for 30 minute tour of the power plant and visitor center admission. For 30$ per person you can take a 1 hour tour of the dam.

To get more information go to www,lasvegas .com

COME ON DOWN!!!! to the Hoover dam.Get your tan on and get amazing pictures of the Hoover dam ,make it a time you won`t forget.Go ahead and have a fun time with your family they wont forget!!!

Here are some pictures of the hoover dam and the bridge.

The Hooverdam

COME ON DOWN!!! and get your shades and sunscreen ,and make you never forget that day when you come to the Hoover dam.  

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2 years ago

You should come on down and see the amazing Hoover dam😃 😃 😃 😗 😜 😉 😎