Mrs. Frazer was very happy for her Redskins because they were actually going to win a game for the first time in the whole season, on the last game of the season.  She was also exited because they were playing against the Bears and so she could annoy Liam the next day.  Then he suddenly remembered their bet, which was whoever's team loses, has to wear a t-shirt saying that their team sucks. Then she started switched the TV off and started to make a t-shirt for the little guy.  In her dreams she thought how everybody would laugh at him and make fun of him.  The next day in her office she was looking at her fantasy score with her glass FULL OF COFFEE.  She suddenly dropped her coffee on her foot and started crying in front of her laptop and saw how bad RG3 did in that game. Later that morning, Liam gave Mrs. Frazer the T Shirt she was supposed to wear and the funny thing was that it had RG3 's face in the front crying.

P.S: Jets are so much better than the Redskins.

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