BY: Kelly L. Kramer

In Medieval Europe, when in war, many people wore armor to protect their outer bodies and inner bodies with their crucial organs. Before armor was made of heavy plates of solid metal, it was just made of chain mail with many, many tiny rings of metal with holes in the middle. This provided less protection from swords, axes, lances (a long, stick-like tool used to shove into the enemy), long spears, single and double chains (sticks with a ball with spikes at the end), etc. The new armor is thinker, causing impact on the body to be rough, but causing less piercings through the body or bleeding. This armor is used less today than it was, but is still a great source of protection. There are different designs, colors, material, etc., but the metal, full-body armor is the most popular from the olden times. Today, bullet proof vests, camouflage, and more is used, but helmets and bodily protection is usually, if not always used used in big wars and battles. Even in the army- Navy Seals, Marines, Air Force...- this protection is used. As you can see, armor is very important, but mostly in Medieval Times (we all have wars and battles, but they did not have as much camouflage and protection, like weapons as we do today). Even though armor has great protection, it is very eye-catching, so I am glad it is not used often today as it used to be.

Armor- very protective gear used in Medieval Times often with many important parts, which is no longer used as much because of the new protective gear, like bullet and sword-proof padding and camouflage, but is still remembered today

SPECIAL WARNING- If you want to see and/or hear more about the weaponry and armor of Medieval Europe, I suggest visiting "Medieval Times."

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