Goodbyes and Hellos
Poem by Jennifer Joachims

You have made me cower in a corner for the longest time in the world, threatening, punching, kicking, humiliating me no matter where i was.

Goodbye Bullies and Hate

You made me break out in sores, cry when no one is looking, say what is wrong with me. No longer shall that be a problem to me, or to anyone else. You have to leave, go back where you came from, I don't care where just go.

Goodbye Anxiety and Rejection

You have done so much for me and yet i have pushed you away and never accepted you for the good that you have done.

Hello Joy and Family

You have always made me smile and bring hope and joy along with you.

Hello Happiness and Love.

You have caused me pain but yet no gain, tears and even more fears

Goodbye nightmares.

You have caused me peace and love and everything above.

Hello, faith

Goodbye all things Bad or Evil.

Hello all things Good and Wonderful.