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Week Commencing- 29th June 2015

Headteacher's Blog

Sports day proved to be a valuable lesson for us this week. One of our most prestigious cups was won by a student who has not shown up previously as our highest performer in such a wide range of activities. He entered so many events and competed so well that he absolutely deserved his prize. I would like to congratulate all participants; as ever the results were very close and every point counted. Just as some students were competing in a number of events our staff were out there all day from the early hours setting up. I would like to thank the PE team for their work in putting together such a successful event.

We have also run 2 of our 4 transition evenings this week led by Mrs. Catterall and our Heads of House. During the evening form tutors met our new Year 9 students and everyone listened to our senior students and year 9 students who shared recounts of their time at our school. It was a pleasure to meet our new year 9 and their parents.

The Year 12 Future intentions evening and Future intentions week led by Mrs Dodd and the sixth form team will be detailed for you later in this newsletter. However having spoken personally to students today they said how useful they had found: the meetings with University lecturers; guidance on personal statements for UCAS or work and sessions on managing their own well- being.

On Monday evening, next door to the Future intentions evening, the SEN team ran a parent and student open evening. They had the chance to participate in a range of activities from drumming to looking after piglets alongside gaining specialist advice for each student the team appreciated the time to spend with the young people and their parents.

What has struck me this week has been the turnout for all of our evenings. Whilst there are times when, as parents or carers, you will not be able to join us for school events this week the number of parents/carers attending these events has been high. We value the time we get to spend with you and thank you for supporting your sons and daughters in their journey through Thomas Alleyne's. If you were not able to make any event and would like more details please let us know my contacting our main office.

Finally a message about the Summer holiday that approaches. There is a lot of research around how much learning is lost between July and September. We know students will have other fantastic experiences during this time but I would again reiterate the value of putting time aside to revise work done in Years 9 or 10 utilising our on-line materials in GCSEpod and also student's own notes. Even a little time spent this Summer will put students in a strong position for their start in September.

PTA Auction

The PTA have 4 x Alton Towers theme park adult entrance tickets to give away to the highest bidder. Tickets are valid until 16.10.15.

If you are interested in bidding for the tickets please email confirming the amount of your bid. Closing date for bids is Friday 10.7.15 - 9.00 am.

In the event of there being a tie the 'winning' bid will be drawn from a hat.

Money raised will go towards the replacement of student lockers.

Sports Day 2015

1st Elkes 474

2nd Orme 451.5

3rd Torrance 427.5

4th Whitmore 393

Victrix Ludorum

Junior - Maisy Bettany Orme

Senior - Hannah Whitaker Elkes

Victor Ludorum

Junior - Callum Ward Torrance

Senior - Dominic Tooth Orme

Thanks to the PE department and their support team.

Thanks to the scorers and recorders Mrs Thompson, Mr Plant and Mr.Askey .

Congratulations to Elkes and to all those who took part.

ABC Mentors

The Anti-Bullying Campaign for the new Year 9 intake is up and running already - 40 current Year 11 volunteers have been trained to be mentors from September and have already been in attendance at the intake evenings meeting their new tutor groups and leading ice-breaking sessions. These mentors are a valuable asset to our new pupils and can help make the transition from middle school a little easier by helping with making new friends and offering a friendly ear to talk through worries and concerns as well as leading fun activities and being positive role models. I am so pleased that we have so many pupils taking part and look forward to seeing the abc mentoring go from strength to strength.

MFL News

French GCSE controlled writing will be written the last week of term about the environment and where you live. Please word hard to prepare and memorise your work.Spanish GCSE controlled speaking next week - bueno suerte - revise hard this weekend!

International Work Experience

Lucy Cocksedge, Emily Dent and Oliver Hoult in year 12 have received confirmation of their placements for the work experience week they will spend in Limoges, France, next October.

They will work respectively at the local newspaper, a law firm for the rights of women and one at the local radio station.

This is an amazing opportunity to develop new skills on an international scale and we wish them the very best.

School Walk

With the 2015 School Walk just one week away, a massive thank you to all of you for your efforts in raising sponsor money. Please keep collecting and bring the money in before the end of the summer term.

We are now close enough to the walk to get long range weather forecasts. At the moment the prediction is for light rain, but as we all know after the unusually hot weather and storms over the last week, anything is possible especially in the Peak District! With this in mind, please make sure that appropriate clothing and footwear is worn on the day. A light weight water proof and comfortable trainers/walking boots. Bring sun cream and a hat just in case - the weather is likely to change along the route.
Make sure you have a drink and some food. Water will be available at the checkpoints and food can be purchased at Wetton Mill, but it makes sense to carry some of your own too.

Finally, please don't forget to bring your Start Cards with you, and carry them throughout the day. These are your passports to a safe and enjoyable walk!"

Orme & Whitmore Transition Evenings

It was lovely on Tuesday evening to see the parents and carers of the Year 8 students coming into Orme House in September. I hope that the students enjoyed and benefitted from meeting their tutor and Year 12 Anti-Bullying Campaign students who will be working with the Year 9 form groups throughout next year. I look forward to getting to know the students a little better on their transition day later this coming week. Thank you to all who attended and sacrificed a BBQ on what was a very hot evening.

Thank you to all parents and pupils who attended the Whitmore transition evening on Thursday. It was great to see so many new and old faces. I look forward to meeting you all again in the near future and getting to know the students over the coming weeks.

CSE Awareness Fortnight - Exploited?

Thomas Alleyne’s is committed to educating young people about healthy relationships. We also know it is crucial to alert them to the risks of exploitative relationships, and ensure they know where to get help if they need it.

As part of teaching your child about healthy relationships, over the next two weeks in their tutor groups they will view and discuss a film called Exploited, which has been produced by CEOP. CEOP is part of the National Crime Agency, and its role is to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse.

If you would like to watch Exploited yourself, you can find it at

The film aims to help young people learn:

  • That in a good relationship, both people want what’s best for each other.
  • That some people make you think they are your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, but really they are using you e.g. for money, status or sex.
  • That some people make young people feel special (e.g. giving them gifts or paying them compliments) in order to gain control over them.
  • That some people use pressure and threats to try to gain control over others.
  • How to tell when a situation is unsafe, and set boundaries about what you do and don't want to do.
  • How to tell if someone wants a relationship with you for the right or wrong reasons.
  • That there are many people who can support you if you feel at risk, including teachers, parents/carers, and organisations like CEOP and Childline.
  • Help keep your child safe from exploitative relationships

    As a parent/carer, you have a vital part to play in helping your child stay safe in relationships. We would encourage you to discuss this film and its key messages with your child to keep them safer in future.

    Conversation starters

    • - Ask your child what they thought of the film and what they thought its main messages were.
    • - Emphasise that if someone is treated badly in a friendship or relationship, it is NEVER their fault.
    • - Tell them that they can always talk to you about any worries they have.

    For more support with helping your child stay safe in relationships, sex and the internet, visit CEOP’s website:

    If you are concerned about your child’s safety...

    If you are worried that your child is in a harmful relationship, please consider contacting their Tutor or Head of House at Thomas Alleyne’sto share your concerns.

    If your child is at direct risk of being sexually exploited, you should report this to the police, or report to CEOP by visiting and clicking on the ClickCEOP button, pictured.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Apprenticeship Opportunities in the NHS

The NHS are currently recruiting for  level 2 Health and Social Care Apprentices to Start in September. These apprenticeships are open to 16-24 year olds and offer valuable practical experience alongside a qualification for anybody wishing to pursue a career in care. The link to the advert for the job is below.

Meet the Teacher

This week we are finding out more about Mr Godwin

Roles: Acting Assistant Headteacher, Head of Whitmore House and PE teacher.

I the do the job to support young people academically and emotionally.

Favourite quote is: ' The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.' Vince Lombardi.

The best book I have ever read: Danny Champion of the World. Roald Dahl

In my free time you will find me, watching sport, cycling or on Anglesey.

Favourite Colour: Gold

Three guests I would invite for dinner would be Clive Woodward, Adolf Hitler and Jesus

My proudest accomplishments are my children, Thomas and Ella

If you could have a super power for a day what would it be? Time Travel

My all time favourite food is Lobster Thermidor

Cashless School

Cashless Catering and Online payments to school with ParentPay

We have been successfully operating our cashless catering and ParentPay online payments systems since September 2012. We hope you and your son/daughter have found them easy and efficient to use.

From September 2015 we are moving to the next phase towards becoming a totally cashless school. We will no longer be accepting cash or cheques for the payment of school meals, trips, resources, revision guides etc.

A letter with further details will be sent to all parents/carers and is available HERE for download.

Details are being given to all new Year 9 students and parents/carers at the induction evenings and days.

House Competition

Latest position after 28 events:

1st Whitmore 95.5 points
2nd Torrance 87 points
3rd Elkes 82 points
4th Orme 75.5 points

Events to come

Maths Puzzles

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