marketing mix

4p's of marketing mix

what is marketing mix

The marketing mix is a recipe for effective marketing using the marketing mix when planning the marketing for a product allows for a consistent approach.

The 4p's of marketing mis are product,place,price and promotion

price- to sell for a product,it has to be something that buyers want. It also has to be at right price. To make people aware that product exist.
the main pricing strategies are :
competitive pricing
price skimming
destroyer pricing
cost plus pricing
penetration pricing
price discrimination

A business need to have a good or service to offer for sale. This is called product. Product is something that people want to need to be able to set the price at a level that people will pay. With the right product and price.

promotion is about letting people know that product are on sale. Promotion is vital when a product is launched. It will also be used to increase sales and extend the life of product.
the key process involved of promotion,include

advertising - to inform and persuade the public.

special promotions - e.g. buy one get one free.

branding - creating a distinctive image and character to an organisation and or its products and service.


place is the final part of marketing refer both to the place where a product is sold and to the way in which the product reaches them also place is the activities that make the product available to consumer.

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