Tools of the Trade
Manuel Cerda


Edmodo is a website that allows teachers to connect to their students, it allows teachers to assign them work. the benefits of edmodo is that you can use this to do your work at home.


Remind is a website that can remind you about upcoming events. Features of this website is that you get a text message or email about your next event. A benefit about this is that it will remind you so you wont forget about the event. allows you to create info graphics. Features of this website is that it already gives you some designs. A really good benefit is that you can create it for free.


Tackk is a website that allows you to create webpages about things you like. A feature of it is that you can post pictures, videos and a website link to show where you can go to get to that website. A benefit is that it has different background, pallets and various fonts that you can use.

The IB design cycle

The design cycle helps solve problems using technology. A feature is that it is consistent method/standard to solve problems. A benefit to it is that it is quicker to solve.

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