Emily Dickinson

December 10 1830
Amhest Ma

Emily lived in isolation  through her life she lived and died in the same place. Emily was commonly involved in politics in Amherst. Emily went through high school and college in the same town she liked to stay local. She died in Amherst of kidney disease , and her home was turned into a museum.

Emily interest in writing started at a early age she found a interest in it while attending Amherst highschool.A person that really inspired her to begin writing was Leonardo Humphrey. Her mother was in a time of sickness so she secluded her self for a long time during this time of depression it is said that she was filling note books with poetry that she had written creating new material. Here is some of Emily Dickinson's work below.

Arcturus" is his other name


"Arcturus" is his other name—
I'd rather call him "Star."
It's very mean of Science
To go and interfere!

I slew a worm the other day—
A "Savant" passing by
Murmured "Resurgam"—"Centipede"!
"Oh Lord—how frail are we"!

I pull a flower from the woods—
A monster with a glass
Computes the stamens in a breath—
And has her in a "class"!

Whereas I took the Butterfly
Aforetime in my hat—
He sits erect in "Cabinets"—
The Clover bells forgot.

What once was "Heaven"
Is "Zenith" now—
Where I proposed to go
When Time's brief masquerade was done
Is mapped and charted too.

What if the poles should frisk about
And stand upon their heads!
I hope I'm ready for "the worst"—
Whatever prank betides!

Perhaps the "Kingdom of Heaven's" changed—
I hope the "Children" there Won't be "new fashioned" when I come—
And laugh at me—and stare—

I hope the Father in the skies
Will lift his little girl—
Old fashioned—naught—everything—
Over the stile of "Pearl."  Emily Dickinson