Plastic is made from feedstocks or plants. It is a flexible film when it drys.

This is a exaple of a feedstock.

Who Made It?

He spilled some of it then realised it hardend into a tough flexible film.

The first man made plastic was made by Alexander Parkes. It was made  in 1868.

What Is The First Thing Made Of Plastic?

The first thing made with plastic was "Billiard Balls"(Pool balls).

What Is It Now?

Plastic is used to make about any thing. plastic is a handy building supply that people all over the world.

How Did It Change The U.S.A.

Plastic may be great but it allso has a dark side. Plastic does not go away it can be reused, But the more plastic there is the more litter there will be. Littering is bad for the invierment, so if people contineue to litter the world wont be such a nice place to live.  

How It Changed Northern And Southern Part Of The U.S.A.

It changed how we make stuff, And how we do every day activitys.

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