Agents of Socialization


My family socialized me in a lot of different ways. The main thing my parents taught me growing up was respect and to never give up on those who are in need of help. I got in trouble alot too and I learned alot from receiving consequences. I grew up in a very athletic family and my parents always stressed how grades come before sports and the importance of being a team player. Growing up I had some self confidence issues and I was very insecure but my parents taught me to love yourself no matter what flaws you have.


School isn't always the greatest but it has definitely prepared me for the future. School basically taught me that there will always be drama and there will always be that one kid who doesn't like you and they don't even know you. School exists because it is designed to prepare you for Life and so that when you're put in a certain situation you already know how to respond.

Peer Groups

I know a good amount of people at this school but in high school its hard to trust people nowadays. I only rock with people who look out for me. Some of my ex friends were flakey which is why they aren't apart of my life anymore. Basically my peer groups taught me that you cant trust everyone because at the end of the day who's there for you?

Mass Media

Mass media basically taught me that the world we live in is full of taboos. Songs on the radio nowadays talk about dumb things when in reality we should be focusing music on the real problems. TV commercials are sexualized so they can pull the attention from others but it should never be taken that far just to get someone to buy your product. Mass Media in my opinion poisons the mind.

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