Peter Christopherson
Team 7-3 Omaha Zoo

May 1, 2014

Pete's Sweet Snaps

Clownfish have a special mucus on their body to help with the anemone's sting

Common name: Clown-fish

Biome: Marine

Scientific Name: Amphiprioninae

Home range/habitat: They live in the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and the western Pacific

Fish adaptations:                                         Species adaptations:

* Fins                                                            * Bright warning coloration

* Gills                                                            * Stripes

* Coloration                                                   * Ability to change sexes                    

* Scales                                                        * Rounded fins

* Lateral lines                                                * ability to bleach color


Female produces a liquid shell to cover and protect eggs

Common name: Smokey Jungle frog

Scientific name: Leptodactylus pentadactylus

Biome: Tropical Rain forest

Home range/Habitat: Forests in Central America

Amphibian adaptations:                                           Species adaptations:

*Moist skin                                                                *Nocturnal

*Powerful back legs                                                   *Big size

*Eyes on top of head                                                 *Dorsal skin fold

*Tongue attached to the front of the mouth                   *Colored and spotted

*Ectothermic                                                             *Can change cals                                                    

Females come to land to lay their eggs

Common name: Leather-back Turtle

Scientific name: Dermochelys coriacea

Biome: Aquatic

Home range/Habitat: Open ocean/coast

Reptile Adaptations:                                     Species adaptations:

*Ectothermic                                                  *Pointed tooth like cusps

*Lay eggs on land                                          *Long flippers

*Scales                                                         *Leather like shell

*Lungs                                                          * Largest turtle                                       

*Ability to unhinge jaw                                    * Ability to dive over 1000 feet deep


Common name: Macaw (native to North America)

Scientific name: Psittacidae

Biome: Rainforest

Home range/Habitat: Northern South America, Mexico

Bird Adaptations:                                Species Adaptations:

*Hollow bones                                       *Tongue with bone in it

*Beaks                                                 *Powerful beaks

*Wings                                                 *Gripping toes

*Feet/Talons                                          *Communication squawk

*Endothermic                                        *Intelligent

Common name: Western Lowland Gorilla (endangered)

Scientific name: Gorilla gorilla gorilla

Biome: Forests

Home range/Habitat: Western Africa

Mammal Adaptations:                                  Species adaptations:

*Hair                                                            *Long arms

*Four-Chambered heart                                *Climb trees

*Specialized teeth                                         *Thumb

*Endothermic                                               *Extreme strength

*Developed brains                                        *20 different growls and grunts

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