The best explorers of Spain!

Project for Individuates and Societies.

On the year of 1600, a conversation is going on with Felipe III of Spain and

a strange explorer...

"I, Sir Li, had travel from Italy to serve your majesty, it would be a great honor to be the man serving you.  I have spent many long days making a grand plan.  For I would help to find the riches you needed.  Of course, I have known that Christopher Columbus have made a journey to the West and found new undiscovered land for us, but I could do much better.  I would help increase your wealth and power by many folds.  I have known that gold is needed majorly here and I intend to try and find as much as I can.   I would also claim and name territory after you, almighty King Felipe III.  Our competitions, France, is already on the move and they have also wanted to claim the territories and its goods that lay under the ground.  What I can promise to bring back is many goods including gold, silk, and spices from the natives that inhabited the lands.  Many obstacles lie in the dark sea but I have many ways to avoid them.  If the other explorers cross my path, we would make peace, however, we would be prepare with cannons pointed at them to engage in a battle any time, I would not want a war.  If a sea monster is nearby, I would just go around it.  Once I reached I needed funds to do this however, I needed two ships, each with a crew of 75 men and a month supplies along with the best navigation tools.

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