Images inside my brain!

If you look in my brain, you might think I'm insane!

by -MalinCo | Crazy brain


I love to have inspirations such as family, Michael Jordan/ Kobe Bryant in basketball, Muhammad Ali in boxing, J. Cole in music, etc.

Jordan's top 50 plays of all time^^


Music has always been one thing that stuck in my mind, music is what keeps me going and motivated. No matter what I'll have a song in my head that I like or a riff I practice all day & night. Music such as J. Cole, Drake, Miguel, Eminem, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, etc.

Childish Gambino Drawing~
-J. Cole

J. Cole's "Love yourz" from the album "2014 Forest Hills Drive" on how Cole draws back to the intro and its main themes as he comes full circle back to present day. A much wiser Cole reflects on the most important things in life, such as love and happiness.He personalizes this theme and touches on his experiences with the glamorous life that he has seemingly become disillusioned with. -


Sports, also another inspiration, is what drives me to succeed in life. What keeps me going, what I think about, and what I love.

Football is what drives me.
Basketball is what motivates me.


Family is a big part in what I am today. How they raised, loved, and cared for me in every struggle we had.

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