Nature Found From Within

Earth is in grave need of help from the people. It is suffering in the environmental problems it faces, so we must discover ways to save it.
I relate to the Earth because despite every negative thing that has impacted the life of it, it can still grow with the aid of love.
I truly respect and care about the earth. Its essence and beauty gives me an aid to living my own life with joy and happiness.

Earth Needs Our Help

Back then, I remember watching a couple films in classes that demonstrated how much the earth was suffering. For example, I saw how much garbage is being polluted within the oceans and within the streets as well. After looking back at the wide variety of scenes that show how much the earth is in need, it makes me want to do something. Knowing how much the earth is struggling on its own, I want to be able to help and make a difference to the world to make the world healthy again.

Where Does it Come From?

As I look around in my surroundings, I continuously see trash laying on the ground, being hidden by the bushes and tables. The trash that is left is instantly linked from us. We always say, "Where does all this trash come from? Why isn't anyone picking it up?" The answer is simple: The trash comes from us. We are so lazy these days that we don't have the time to pick up after ourselves whenever we are in public. If we do not pick up after ourselves, the trash can lead to places we never want it to go. The trash can lead into the drains that head to the oceans. If it heads there, we would be the cause towards the demise of the ocean wildlife. The trash can stay within the soils in the ground or wherever it lays, hurting the natural society's beauty. We need to notice our surroundings more often and pick up after ourselves to better the lives of the community and to make it more beautiful than ever.

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