Math III Section 4.6 #29 and #31

T. Pittman

#29 Descartes's Rule of Signs

   Information is given in the above photo on Descartes's Rule of Signs; the number of positive or negative real roots can be determined when doing this problem. In this problem there is negative real roots three negatives become one negative mainly cause of two negatives turn out to equal a positive in a problem of math. So X^2 in the problem should be an positive instead of negative so there is either 3 or 1 negative real roots for Descartes's Rule of Signs.

                                             #31 Trapezoid/ Garden Problem

#31 Trapezoid/Garden

When starting to work the problem out you will notice that the equation may start to change throughout all the numbers and working out of it all, to find my number 5 i plugged it in as y= in the calculator then hit 2nd graph which came with an 5 so that it would sum up to equal my height of trapezoid and the base1 is 10ft and base2 is 14ft.

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