The Friends


Current Book Sales-

(From 2/17/15 to 2/28/15) First in a series of quarterly, community based events. Money is use to support Houston Public library, funding library programs, materials, and scholarships.

Farmer' Market Book Sales

Looking for volunteers. Happen every Wednesday during spring & fall at city hall found at down town of Houston


The mission is to dedicate by fostering wider recognition, use, and support of the Houston Public Library.


The friends of the Houston public Library who volunteers do lots of work dealing with the book. In the mean time as they deal with the books they look for for useless book which can be send to the Waste Management such as books that are damaged, missing cover, or outed. Which books that have bar codes are scanned by the volunteers. The friends of Houston Public Library give lots of opportunities to others such as library-based programming and scholarships for HPL staff pursuing Master’s in Library Science.


The friends of Houston Public Library fund by us friends joining at either at a upcoming local community sale or at the warehouse where they sort through 200 thousand book a year. The warehouse which is located at 6510 West Little York Houston, TX 77040. (on Northwest corner of West Little York and Bingle, 1.8 miles north of 290)

6510 West Little York Houston, TX 77040

People Served By Organization

The Friends supports Library staff through scholarships for advanced degrees in Library Science,staff recruitment, and training and development. However, to provide support and resources for library programs such as cultural programming.

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