The Features of Explosive Detector

The newly created hand-hold explosive trace detector is a revolution in the field of explosive or poison detecting. And it is used to detect the position of the suspicious explosives and poisons. And the explosive detector dimension is composed of the working principle, features, parameters and other data of the explosive detector.

The working principle is the first explosive detector dimension. It consists of molecular resonance, electrostatic on human body as well as ultralow frequency conduction technique. MRI is an effective tool for physician to diagnose the disease. In the middle of testing of the MRI, the part of the human body is put inside of a strong magnetic field and accepts the impulse function of the radio wave. And the hydrogen atom belongs to weal magnetic. And the strong magnetic field is able to arrange the atom inside of the water inside of human body. Radio frequency pound out the arrangement of the atom slightly and the atom will rotate and create unique radio signal. The frequency of the radio depends on the circled hydrogen atom, so the computer is able to analyze the frequency to get the image of human body. And the explosive detector has the similar working principle to the MRI. The difference is that we cannot use outer magnetic force to arrange the hydrogen atom inside of human body and use radio wave to pound out the arrangement neither. What we use is the static ob human body.

The newly x-ray explosive detection dimension is able to detect materials through wall, metals, concrete, container, and soil as well as ice layer. The earlier detector can just detect within some range with high fault, large material consumption and pollution. In addition, another part of the explosive detector dimension is the components of the detector, which is composed of D shape vibrator, inductor connecting line as well as bags. And it has the features of detecting materials within 50 to 100 meters. And the maritime tracking is able to reach 650 meters, which the traditional detector can only detect several centimeters. And the explosive detector dimension possesses high efficiency to detect stuff with only a few minutes. And it is easy to clean the explosive detector, not afraid of being polluted. In addition, the security inspection device is able to detect through wall, container, metal packaging, water as well as other kinds of medium. Even the explosives are in closed containers. And the explosive detector will not detect the match, cigarette, air freshener as well perfume falsely. And the explosive detector possesses easy maintenance without material wasting.

Due to these outstanding features, the explosive detector is able to give full play in many important fields. And it has been necessary device in important transportation ports. - See more at:

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