Rhett's Financial Project

     The information I found out about the person I interviewed was we have to fill our needs first.Plus we still have wants in our budget.Also we spend a lot of money.

     The career I chose was to be a Doctor. I chose this career because they earn a lot of money, and because I can help people.

      My career affected my choice. It let me spend more on my home, car, and other expenses. So I got a large house that had 5 bedrooms.  I also got to get a Ford Mustang.

     I did create a balanced spreadsheet the first time. Actually I got to spend more on clothes. Yet,I still have $142 left.

    Creating the spreadsheet changes my view by saying coins count.  Plus it tells me how much I should value money and how you should save too.

    Creating this spreadsheet prepares me for my future.  It also helps by telling how to prepare.Plus it readies me for life.