fotsie lady!

I the original Fotsie Lady!

My name is Marlene Bradley and I am the Owner/Designer of FOTSIE, a bourgeoning USA sewing manufacturing company in Indio, California. I had been running a dressmaking business since the age of sixteen, learning the ins and outs of all the dozens of cloth, to the point where I could run my own sewing manufacturer.

I wanted to make “popular price” stuff, it was my goal to produce something unique that the great mass of the people can afford from business angle, selling equally well to both large and small, city and country stores. I made up a line of FOTSIE WRAPS samples, displaying them to my old customers and friends, the materials and sewing construction are very trendy pattern of socks for women to pamper their feet with elegance and glamour!

My greatest achievement: the economy is desperate for the skills that we possessed, this is a golden opportunity, so whatever profit I make gets plowed back into the business, but I am already in charge of my destiny. At night time when I see my son, laying down on my office carpet sleeping, thinking I may be tired and poor and overwhelmed. But I feel alive, I am my own boss, I am responsible for my own decisions and directions. My work is complex: it engaged my mind and imagination. And in my work there is a relationship between effort and reward.

I have the sense that the world is mine to take, and I have always been a big risk taker. This is why having a $25,000 dollars and Mentorship, will allowed me to open new GATES internationally and manufacturering in India, to expand fotsie wraps, COVER YOUR FEET WITH PUPOSE!

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2 years ago

I love these socks! I'm a dancer, and I met you a couple of years ago in Palm Desert at an outdoor sale!