Section 1:

1. Kay, 14

2. Union

3. Ohio

4. May 19, 1861-1865

5. Ulysses Simpson Grant (my uncle)


Day 1 Entry.

My activities of the morning were making me and the rest of my family breakfast, getting ready for the day, wake up my family, and go out to pick some vegetables for lunch. In the afternoon I did laundry for my big family, got my brothers ready for bed, helped ma with dinner, and went to my room. I helped by feeding my uncle and washing his clothes.

Day 2 Entry.

Dear Uncle Ulysses,

      Did Robert E. Lee really surrender in battle to you? I heard it in the newspaper, the first thing I seen was the heading, LEE SURRENDERS TO GRANT. When daddy heard about this he was so proud of you. He told everyone you were HIS brother! That you were brave. I did your laundry you left here, yesterday. I love you. Hope you come home soon.


Day 3 Entry.

I sewed Uncle's ripped and torn clothes he sent back to us.. I washed some more of his laundry. I also helped dad write his letter to him.

Day 4 Entry.

To my dearest niece

      I miss you guys dearly and I am happy that your father is actually claiming me as his brother. He jokingly used to tell people he didn't even know me! Isn't that ridiculous! Yes, Lee surrendered to me and my troops! We were so excited. We drank to that. Write me back! Love you guys.    

                                            -Ulysses S. Grant

Day 5 Entry.

Today I woke up and was shocked. President Lincoln was shot! At first I didn't even know. I walked out of my room and seen my mother and father sitting at the table looking over the newspaper intently. I walked over there and father hurried and hid the paper. I grabbed it from his grip in anger. He and mother both protested. I stopped staring at the picture and the article... I lost my breath. The rest of the day was really depressing.

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